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One of my online friends wrote this yesterday: “The funny thing about being tagged in a “what are you reading” meme (as I was by Jamie Notter) is that I do much of my reading through audiobooks, so the book I’m currently reading doesn’t have a page number, although I could dig up the physical copy of the book if I looked around enough, that’s not true of most audiobooks I “read.” See, I have […]

Me and my clever mouth…


Heh. A few months ago, after the announcement of what looked to be a large quantity of hydrocarbons were detected on the one of the moons of Saturn, I blogged about it by reporting that “A Massive” new reserve of oil has been discovered. Clever me huh? Over the last two days, something like a third of my hits have come from people following links from Google Searches for “Oil reserve discoveries”. Silly Google. (Another […]

Writer’s Block


I’ve been struggling with finding a desire to write just about anything since the beginning of this past fall. I think I know the reason – which has to do with some family issues – and rather than rage against the void, I decided I’d be better served by just going along with the blockage. Luckily it seems to have mostly effected my online essay output, not my sermon output. (Though truth be told, my […]

Anglicans Online, “A little help please?”


Anglicans Online, the site that began the process which created the constellation of Anglican websites is looking for some help. From their front page: “For the first time in 11 years, we’re taking the cry of the Bereans as our own: Come over and help us! We could use some assistance. We welcome people who might like to be a part of this venerable website, one of the oldest on the web and perhaps the […]

Back to the past…


I’ve gotten bored with the “red” design. It was just too blah. So I’ve gone “back” to a design that’s based on one I used a for a while (and really liked.) The masthead picture (btw) is from a margin illustration in one of the Gospels in the Book of Kells. I’ve finally gotten around to updating the “blog roll” on the left too. I think I’ve listed everyone that I make a habit of […]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Prank


This is an April Fools day joke worthy of the students at MIT: “Members of the Crossville, TN Chapter of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have installed a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster statue outside The Cumberland County Courthouse in Crossville, Tennessee.” Read the fool story here.

Amazing pas de deux


As someone who used to dance (modern, not ballet) trust me when I tell you, this is one of the most extraordinary demonstrations of athleticism that I’ve ever seen… And the frogs are pretty cool too. Thanks to Craig+ for the pointer.

New Scientist on online Flames


New Scientist has an article today that discusses why it is that people present themselves so differently online than they do in person: “Social psychologists have known for decades that, if we reduce our sense of our own identity – a process called deindividuation – we are less likely to stick to social norms. For example, in the 1960s Leon Mann studied a nasty phenomenon called ‘suicide baiting’ – when someone threatening to jump from […]

A new author! Welcome Deacon Bill


Some of you know that I spent a chunk of last month traveling around the state of Arizona meeting with other Episcopal clergy and talking about the work of writing for blogs. As a result of that series our bishop is now blogging and about 7 or so other clergy have blogs in the works. (That’s in addition to the 6 of us (lay and clergy) who were already blogging.) One of our deacons was […]

Back to my roots


Sorry for the lack of updates these past weeks. I’ve been swimming as fast as I can just to try to keep up with what’s really important – being a priest who serves a congregation. At the moment I’m the only full-time priest at the Cathedral, and as we’re growing, trying to ramp up our regular activities, and manage staff changes, it means that I’m running out of time to post. But I’ve been thinking […]