Yay for Jawbones


My good friend Jan Nunley, one of the finest religious journalists I’ve ever known, has set up new digs for herself over at Jawbones.

Not sure what she’s going to do with the site since it’s just getting started:

“…oh my goodness yes. See, I’ve got Google Reader set up to capture feeds from most of the blogs over there on the left side of your screen (if yours isn’t there yet, it’s probably because you haven’t posted this morning and I haven’t added you yet, so calm down) and a lot of others in various areas of interest to me. The needle on the chatter meter is pegged, and that’s without you Left Coasters having had a decent cup of java yet.”

Read the full post here.

But it looks like she’s going to continue the sort of meta-commentary on reporting that she was doing initially at Episcope before she stopped being the one posting there.

If that’s true, then this is definitely a blog you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Jan knows journalism and will point out good reporting and bad as it happens.

Nice to have her voice in the mix again.

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