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David Ord: Becoming Real with Each Other

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A friend of mine (actually my book editor) picked up on an off-hand illustration that I used in a sermon recently about why Christian marriage is a life-long affair and fleshed out the reasoning that undergirds my thinking. He writes, in part: “When we become serious about someone and in due course enter into a committed relationship, we are still hiding a large part of ourselves. We are hiding because we can’t believe some parts […]

Photos of our Cathedral by Eric Brimhall


Eric posted some of these shots online earlier today. I’d not seen them before. He’s done a great job of giving folks a sense of what the main worship space feels like at the Cathedral. See the photos here. Note that this set does not have pictures of the new pulpit that was just installed. We’ll have to get them added soon hopefully.

2008 Advent Calendar


The Episcopal Diocese of Washington is continuing their Advent tradition and has a 2008 version of their online calendar. From the website: “Featuring daily meditations from Episcopal Café, videotaped interviews with the young people of the Bokamoso Youth Program in Winterveldt, South Africa, and opportunities to support Bokamoso and the Diocese of Washington’s other ministries in Southern Africa. A new window will be available each day during the month of December. “ The calendar goes […]

Yay for Jawbones


My good friend Jan Nunley, one of the finest religious journalists I’ve ever known, has set up new digs for herself over at Jawbones. Not sure what she’s going to do with the site since it’s just getting started: “…oh my goodness yes. See, I’ve got Google Reader set up to capture feeds from most of the blogs over there on the left side of your screen (if yours isn’t there yet, it’s probably because […]

I’m still here…


It’s been pretty quiet on this blog. I apologize for that. I’m still here and still trying to find some time to write. I suppose it’s good news that I haven’t found time to say anything. We’ve been so busy at the Cathedral this fall with a large increase in new members (especially in our spanish-language congregation) that we’re all scrambling to keep a lid on all the pots that are wonderfully boiling over. Between […]

And now we are one!


Jim Naughton, the editor in chief of Episcopal Café posted this on the “Lead” blog this morning: “We are celebrating our first anniversary today. We actually began operations in this incarnation on April 19, but we’ve decided that today is easier to remember, and probably represented the first day we had most of the bugs worked out and were getting a relatively clean read on our Web statistics. We’d like to thank all of our […]

Fixin’ me software


Hi all. Today’s my day off. I’m sitting here at the house doing my chores (laundry, gardening, cleaning) and I remembered that I’ve been having problems with one of the programs (MacJournal) that I prefer to use for writing longish posts and essays for this here. I’ve had it for so long, and mucked about with it’s internals that it’s managed to get itself completely confused about how to communicate as a client with the […]