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General Convention #80, Dispatch 1

General Convention

I’m grabbing a few minutes between sessions on this second day of our meeting to post some quick impressions of what it’s like here at this unusual General Convention. We’re a year late, and unexpectedly shortened in our meeting, and rather than the leisurely pace of the first week of Convention typically, we’re hammering our way through the work we have before us. There’s a focus here that usually only emerges about halfway through in […]

General Convention Day 3 – a new PB, a march, and it’s time to “git up!” because we ain’t dead yet

General Convention

Perhaps you heard that we elected a new Presiding Bishop yesterday? That was pretty big news. The first African-American Presiding Bishop in the history of the Episcopal Church, the first YDS-Berkeley seminary grad in that office, and the first, first ballot election in a very long time. You know what else? It’s also the first time in a long time that the election wasn’t about finding a way to hold the various factions of the […]

General Convention – Orientation, Hearings and the next PB

General Convention

Convention is underway. This morning began with an early morning run, coffee on the go and a 7 AM hearing focused on a proposal to bring the full resources of modern technology and media strategy to sharing the Gospel as widely as possible. There’s a proposal before Evangelism and Communications to use up to 3 million dollars in the coming triennium to create an online experimental evangelism initiative. We’d be creating downloadable resources, training people […]

General Convention Day 0 – getting organized

General Convention

I’m attending my fifth General Convention, this time in Salt Lake City where we are being hosted by the Diocese of Utah. (This is the smallest diocese, in terms of membership, to ever host a General Convention, and it looks like it’s going to be one of the very best ever.) I’ve been a deputy (elected as priest) to four conventions. This is my first as a bishop. The experience is largely similar: long distance […]

Fall 2014 House of Bishops meeting

General Convention / Travel / World Mission

Tomorrow we will begin this year’s Fall House of Bishops meeting for the Episcopal Church. We’re meeting this year in Taipei, in the Diocese of Taiwan, a diocese of the Episcopal Church. As I mentioned this to people in Rhode Island, there was some surprise that Taiwan was part of our Church – but over the years, as our mission work in the Episcopal Church in the US took us further and further afield, we […]

Some personal thoughts about General Convention

General Convention

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve not had much to say about the recently concluded General Convention. Which is unusual for me. I started blogging back in 2003 during my first General Convention and I’ve been pretty good at posting regular notes during all the subsequent General Conventions. But this one was different; both for me personally, and I think in a few important ways for the whole of the Episcopal Church. This was a […]

Some Thoughts on the Eve of the 77th General Convention

General Convention

As chair (for a little while longer at least) of the deputation of the Diocese of Arizona to General Convention, Bishop Smith invited me to share some reflections on the upcoming meeting in Indianapolis. “Beginning next week, bishops and deputies from each diocese of the Episcopal Church will be meeting in our once-every-three year General Convention. This Convention, the 77th in our history, promises to be different from ones in recent memory. It’s going to […]

Resources for Arizonans regarding General Convention

General Convention

At the request of a number of lay and clergy voices here in the Diocese of Arizona, the General Convention deputation to Indianapolis this summer have created a blog to share information and gather feedback. We’ve called the blog “Arizona General Convention News”. Catchy huh? You can read the blog here: You might want to bookmark the site for future reference. A number of folks from our deputation are going to be posting to […]