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Prayers for South Carolina from Rhode Island

Current Affairs / Rhode Island

Beloved in Jesus, the Prince of Peace; Our hearts are breaking today as we take in the news of another mass shooting. Today’s crime, apparently motivated by racial hatred, has taken the lives of nine innocent victims while they were gathered in prayer and Bible study.   Church bells are being rung across the nation calling us to prayer for the victims and for all who’s lives have been forever shattered by this tragedy. I […]

Response to disaster

Religion / Rhode Island

A thought occasioned by Bishop George Councel’s meditation on loss in the time of natural disaster: We live in the illusion that we can adapt and change the world to our purposes. Rather than recognizing that we are made to adapt and reorganize ourselves the world’s changes. We used to know differently. (A meditation given at the Spring 2013 House of Bishop’s meeting in Kanuga NC.)

Lenten Bible Study Day 8; Luke 8

Religion / Rhode Island

I’m posting this Lenten reflection here as well as on the diocesan blog, where the rest of them have been posted. The subject matter touches on faith and science and I thought those of you reading here but not there might be interested.   Luke, Chapter 8 (NRSV) A few years ago I was invited to take part in a radio show that intended to discuss science and faith. I didn’t know much about the […]

Christmas Sermon 2012

Religion / Rhode Island

Having just returned to the Northeast from the Southwest, it’s not the change in temperature or weather that has been the most striking. It’s the change in the length of and the darkness of the night. In the Southwest, we lived significantly closer to the equator, and being in Arizona, we didn’t “do” daylight savings time. That meant that the days and nights tended to be more the same length all throughout the year. There […]

Prayers for the victims of violence in Newtown CT

Religion / Rhode Island

Dear clergy and people of Rhode Island; We are all struggling to make sense of what is, at its heart, a senseless act of violence. I invite those who wish, to add the following collect to your prayers in the Episcopal churches of Rhode Island this Sunday. It is based on the collect for the observance of the deaths of the Holy Innocents (Dec. 28) We remember this day, O God, the slaughter of the […]