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The Wedding lesson? Not Hardly.


The thirteenth chapter of St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is so familiar to us that even has its own nickname: the Wedding lesson. It’s so often chosen as one of the lessons to be read at a marriage service that it’s become a cliche, even a joke in a movie about wedding crashers. But the truth is that part of the letter that St. Paul wrote, has nothing at all to do with marriage. […]

To proclaim sight to those who walked in darkness


The long awaited new era breaking in upon us. The Gospel is world changing – the stories are life changing. We have a duty to act. Not in ways that the powerful, the greedy and the grasping can understand, but in the way that recognizes the effectiveness of what Jesus asking us to share with others. You have amazing gifts to share the Gospel. Don’t lose sight of what we are tasked by Jesus to […]

Finishing The Mirror | The better the mirror, the more light that can be reflected…


Some of you know that I’m a vowed member of a dispersed religious order called the Society of Ordained Scientists. It’s been an important part of my life and helped to focus my work on the integration between faith and science since I became a member. Mother Pan Conrad is the Warden of the North American Chapter of the society, and a friend. She’s also a wicked smart scientist and is principle investigator a couple […]

We’re Testing the Wrong People – The Atlantic

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What do we need to do before we can safely reopen the economy? Here in Rhode Island we’re apparently the only state with testing capacity that is at the recommended levels for making that move. But are we using the capacity we have in the best way so as to inform our decision making? A essay by the vice provost of U of Penn (who’s an oncologist/bioethicist) and by an economist from NYU argues that […]