Common Virtue in Common Life


By Poliphilo - Own work, CC0, imitate Jesus is to live a life that is characterized by self-control (temperance) and meekness. To live that way is to live a virtuous life. We don’t talk very much these days about the need to live virtuously in our own lives. It seems we’ve gotten very good at pointing out the flaws in others – even in the Church. But Jesus gives us a model of what can happen when we live a life that is characterized by the four cardinal virtues.

In this week’s Gospel Jesus expands a proverb into a parable about how to live our public lives.


The direct link to this video is here.

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  1. Leila Gill says

    Wonderful, insightful, inspiring, edifying, and encouraging. Thank you!

    I also learned from some historical reenactors how George Washington—that after the revolution people wanted to make him king and he walked away from that and disallowed it. And in his retirement he remained true to character.

    I hung on every word of your talk, nodding my head in agreement all the way. Thank you for taking the time both to construct your message and to make it available to us! – Leila G.

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