We don’t have to protect God or God’s holiness…

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Day Lilly in bloomThis Gospel reading, describing the indignation of a leader of a congregation when Jesus heals a woman on the Sabbath day, has an important lesson for us today, and one that has nothing to do with Judaism or purity law.

The indignation of the leader of the congregation isn’t foreign to my own experience. We have all sorts of ways that we get indignant with other people if they don’t conform to what we think God expects of them. I have all sorts of ways that get indignant with myself and with others if I think they aren’t taking holy things seriously enough. But that’s the indignant person’s problem, not God’s problem.

We don’t have to protect God from God’s Creation.

Direct link to the video is found here.


  1. Dave Reedy says

    Alas! Another burden of forcing perfection on others- according toDave” has been lifted. Thanks Bishop K

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