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Swazi government threatens torture against “foreigners”.

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I haven’t written much about Swaziland recently as the situation in that small country in Southern Africa hasn’t changed very much. But I received this article from the primary English language newspaper this morning. The short version appears to be that the Swazi King is becoming increasingly frustrated with the low level unrest in the populace. There have been increasing calls for governmental reform as the economic and public health situation has deteriorated. Rather than […]

Learning to listen to the locals

Swaziland / World Mission

What follows is an essay I just wrote for a Diocese of Arizona project which is collecting reflections from people who have been involved in various MDG projects over the past. Our diocesan MDG committee is going to publish these both in hope that other in the diocese might be inspired to get involved, and also so that local parish and mission committees might use them to guide their own decision making process. (I’ll try […]

Violence and persecution increasing in Swaziland

Swaziland / World Mission

A few years ago I traveled to Swaziland as part of an effort of my then parish (Trinity in Bethlehem PA) to support the work of Swazi Hospice at Home. You can read my travel diary and see pictures from the trip here. During the trip, especially during my journey to the southern parts of the country, there were hints that the government was beginning to prepare for a period of civil unrest. Around the […]

Climate change God’s judgement not Man’s fault?

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The BBC has a report this morning on a growing sentiment in parts of the developing world that the climate change that they are witnessing is not due to the actions of humankind. They are a result of God’s judgement upon us. And as such, there is nothing we can change that will have any effect on the situation other than pray for help. From the end of the article: “Climate change is a global […]

Learning to desire the idea of a thing and not the thing itself

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Stewardship season is soon upon those of us who serve in parochial settings. As such I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the proper relationship I should have to my “stuff”. And given the pile of old furniture that, as the oldest child I’ve been tasked with managing, my family has finally had to break down and rent a storage locker to store that old stuff that we can’t cram into our closets here. After […]

NYTimes article on Swaziland


Since I’ve moved to Phoenix, I’ve not had nearly the same level of contact with people working in Swaziland, but I’m still very interested in what’s happening in that country and the people there are often in my thoughts. There’s an article in the New York Times today about the present situation in the country: “Yes, Swazis have enjoyed decades of peace and are rightfully proud of their culture. But poverty has entrapped two-thirds of […]

Energy Consumption is starving the poor

Climate Change / Swaziland / World Mission

The BBC article that I posted earlier this morning points out that there’s no way that the developed world can expect energy to continue to be available at present levels. The unexpected consequence of this is being felt in Swaziland. The article in the Guardian below points out the real impact in a country that has no real resources other than its minimal agricultural industry: “It doesn’t get madder than this. Swaziland is in the […]

Not enough help for Swaziland


Because Swaziland is being incorrectly classified as better off than it really is, not enough AID is being sent into the country to allow it to deal with the rising death toll of AIDS: “[NATIONAL Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) Director Dr. Derek von Wissell] noted that humanitarian organisations considered HIV and AIDS a national disaster in the event of one death per 10 000 of the population per day.‘In their own […]

Only $3.1 Million to Feed 400,000

Swaziland / World Mission

News from Swaziland today: “Despite the worst harvest in the country’s recorded history and the aftermath of fires that destroyed crops and plantations, Swaziland’s appeals for international assistance are falling on deaf donor ears. In July UN agencies appealed for US$18 million to feed about 40 percent of Swaziland’s one million people, who are facing acute food shortages. So far, only $3.1 million has been forthcoming, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of […]

Alden Hathaway on the effects the Anglican troubles are having in Africa

Swaziland / World Mission

+Alden Hathaway, my former bishop from my years as a priest in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and one of the finest pastors I have ever known, has written an article in the Living Church. His article talks about the ways that our polity fights within the Anglican Communion are working at odds with our intentions regarding responding to the significant challenges facing that continent: “For 10 years I have been going to East Africa, taking […]