Not enough help for Swaziland


Because Swaziland is being incorrectly classified as better off than it really is, not enough AID is being sent into the country to allow it to deal with the rising death toll of AIDS:

“[NATIONAL Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) Director Dr. Derek von Wissell] noted that humanitarian organisations considered HIV and AIDS a national disaster in the event of one death per 10 000 of the population per day.‘In their own definition, we already have a chronic disaster, but this hasn’t triggered any response nor any money being released to assist,’ stated von Wissell.‘Swaziland is in a chronic disaster situation compounded by acute disaster events and we cannot cope. […]

Even though the mortality rate in the country has increased alarmingly, this – and other social indicators – has failed to convince humanitarian organisations to intervene.

[…]‘Having succeeded in combating traditional childhood illnesses like measles and diarrhoea, more children are now dying as a result of AIDS. The U5M rate has doubled from 89 per 1 000 births in 1991 to 160 in 2005,’ states the report.

Read the rest here: The Swazi Observer

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