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Calling all citizen scientists! Lunar photos needed for climate research.

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An old friend of mine, Peter Thejll, a senior scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute, is asking for help on a project (#NewMoonSnap) that will help to measure the reflectivity of the Earth (its albedo). The observations will be used to improve our present climate models. This project is being done along with a research program being undertaken by a Danish astronaut who is presently on the ISS. You can read more about the project […]

The tragedy of the commons is a false and dangerous myth | Aeon Essays

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I’ve certainly read people who quoted from Garrett Hardin’s 1968 paper in Science “The Tragedy of the Commons” often enough. It’s a cautionary tale about how, if humans are left unchecked, our selfishness will destroy the environment and the resources that are our common wealth. But it appears that this paper has some major flaws that I’ve not seen laid out before. There are deep lines of eugenic thoughts going through it and his subsequent […]

‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google with regrets and fears about his life’s work – The Verge

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A few months ago, I was part of a team that made a presentation to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church about the intersection of the Science, Technology and Faith. It was, as is typical, a wide-ranging conversation. But during the Q&A session, one bishop asked me, “given what I know, what keeps me up at night with worry about the future?”  My answer was “The misuse of Artificial Intelligence.” I stand by that. […]

You held it together as others fell apart:

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Our preacher this year at the Rhode Island Episcopal Diocesan Chrism Mass was the Rev. Elizabeth Nestor, MD, MDiv, FACEP – an Episcopal priest of this diocese and an Emergency Room doctor who served courageously through the recent Pandemic. Her sermon was a moving reminder of how God uses the broken bits of the World to do things no one would have expected. In a particularly moving passage of the sermon she talked about what […]

Why the sudden shift to the Lambeth Conference program?

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The unexpected release of a series of Lambeth Conference Call statements on assorted subjects, and the equally unexpected news that bishops attending the Lambeth Conference next week would be voting on them, has knocked a bunch of Anglicans around the world back on their heels. Some in the Communion are delighted with this sudden turn – but most of the voices I hear are dismayed. And here in the Episcopal Church, many people in our […]

Holy Cross Day 2020

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Lord Jesus hear us; the earth is crying in torment, the west is in flames, storms threaten the southern coasts and our communities are separated by pandemic. Our leaders seem absent and uncaring while our communities are turned against each other. By the power of your Holy Cross, overcome our woundedness and bring us hope and a new dawn. Protect those in danger and turn the hearts of those intent on harm. Let us find […]

Yikes: One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week

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“Bitcoin’s surge in price has sent its electricity consumption soaring.” Source: One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week Well, this isn’t good news for the people speculating in the crypto-currency markets. This isn’t a problem with mining new coins in a block-chain system (which is even worse). This is per transaction. And this is happening against a background of exponential growth – which means the energy cost will […]

Pay attention – your life depends upon it.

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Yesterday bishops and spouses from around North and Central America went to visit with the native congregations of the Diocese of Alaska. As part of our day, we joined with the people who live in this beautiful and majestic place to bless the land and thank God for the gift of it. (Arriving at St. Matthew’s in Fairbanks) I was part of a group that stayed in Fairbanks. We walked along the Chena River, saw […]

Fairbanks via Seattle

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The Fall 2017 House of Bishops meeting is being held in Fairbanks Alaska this year. Held in Fairbanks is sort of a misnomer. We’re spending part of our time in Fairbanks, and the main meeting site is in Fairbanks, but Alaska being Alaska, we’ll be spending time away from the city – far away – too. Some of the bishops are going to be loaded on to mail planes I’m told, to fly out to […]

Grace for Creation: free!

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We have a great tradition of holding classes for parishioners in Lent, but once Easter comes, and Spring springs, we tend to focus on other things. But, what would happen if we tried an Easter class – like a Lent class, but later? Have I got a deal for you: In 2011, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued a pastoral letter on the environment. In response, a five-week study course titled A Life of Grace […]