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You must choose. Even when you’d really rather not.

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There are moments when we are confronted with making a choice. Sometimes those happen in a moment of overwhelming crisis with massive consequences. Sometimes the choices seem small and inconsequential but it turns out that the choice transforms your life. In this week’s Gospel reading, the religious authorities are confronted with a choice. They reject the choice. And in so doing they turn away from the truth. Sometimes we have to choose. And God’s grace […]

The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

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God transforms us in the wilderness as we journey from being in bondage to being the people of the promised land. But the transformation comes with pain and parts of the journey are filled with fear and anxious longing. Out of that fear and pain we look backward, longing for the certainty we had even though we were not free or fully yet the people of God. It feels like our national journey towards a […]

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive the sins done against us

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Refusing to forgive other people for the things that they did to you is like you taking poison as way of hurting them. There is one way out of the nightmare of violence, anger and revenge. It is to forgive others – even if they haven’t asked for your forgiveness. Jesus makes this point again and again. I don’t know that I’ve yet to fully act in the way he asks me to act. But […]