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Acres of the Dead: Memorial Day 2010

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I wrote this back in 2010 – and thought today was a good day to repost it. In 2003 my brothers, father and I began a series of tromps around western Europe. The excuse was that my brothers were both living in Europe at the time. My middle brother was planting a church in Poitiers in France and my little brother’s MASH unit was attached to the 3rd Infantry Division stationed at the time in […]

Companions along the Way

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Some of you may have wondered about the letters that come after my signature. “SOSc” stands for the Society of Ordained Scientists. It’s a “dispersed” religious community, and I have taken my life vows as a member of that order. The members have been professional scientists at one point in their career (and a significant number still are), and most of them are ordained in one of the churches of the Anglican Communion (though there […]

Fairbanks via Seattle

Climate Change / Travel / World Mission

The Fall 2017 House of Bishops meeting is being held in Fairbanks Alaska this year. Held in Fairbanks is sort of a misnomer. We’re spending part of our time in Fairbanks, and the main meeting site is in Fairbanks, but Alaska being Alaska, we’ll be spending time away from the city – far away – too. Some of the bishops are going to be loaded on to mail planes I’m told, to fly out to […]

The mission of education in Taiwan

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Today, my first full day in Taiwan as part of the House of Bishop’s meeting, was spent taking a tour of St. John’s University. The university was originally planted in Shanghai by the then bishop of Shanghai – The Rt. Rev. Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky, one of my favorite heroes on our Episcopal Church’s calendar of saints. I found this plaque in English describing the work of Bishop Schereschewsky and his role in founding the […]

Fall 2014 House of Bishops meeting

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Tomorrow we will begin this year’s Fall House of Bishops meeting for the Episcopal Church. We’re meeting this year in Taipei, in the Diocese of Taiwan, a diocese of the Episcopal Church. As I mentioned this to people in Rhode Island, there was some surprise that Taiwan was part of our Church – but over the years, as our mission work in the Episcopal Church in the US took us further and further afield, we […]

Piestewa Peak


 We took what will probably be the last hike of the season this morning. We got to the base of Piestewa Peak park about 7:30 AM, just in time to not find a parking space. After parking a ways down the road from the trailhead, we made our way back to the base, and joined the stream of humanity making its way to the peak. We made it all the way up in about 45 […]

Desert Spring


 A small group of serious hikers decided to head east out of Phoenix today to the base of Superstition Mountains, just outside of Apache Junction. We took about four hours to cover the nine miles of the relatively flat hike over rocky trails. The big treat of the day was the amount of running water we had to cross again and again during the walk. The other hoped for surprise turned out to be a […]

Pictures from the Blessing of the Cathedral’s Light Rail Station


We had a brief ceremony on Sunday following the 11 AM service. The Cathedral congregation has adopted the Light Rail station at Roosevelt St. and Central Ave. – the one right across from the Cathedral itself. You can see all of the pictures from the day here. (That’s Dean Dick George’s cassock. I’ve still not managed to order one, and this one fits well enough. But it is certainly, um, festive!)

Learning to desire the idea of a thing and not the thing itself

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Stewardship season is soon upon those of us who serve in parochial settings. As such I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the proper relationship I should have to my “stuff”. And given the pile of old furniture that, as the oldest child I’ve been tasked with managing, my family has finally had to break down and rent a storage locker to store that old stuff that we can’t cram into our closets here. After […]