Piestewa Peak


Web  We took what will probably be the last hike of the season this morning. We got to the base of Piestewa Peak park about 7:30 AM, just in time to not find a parking space.

After parking a ways down the road from the trailhead, we made our way back to the base, and joined the stream of humanity making its way to the peak. We made it all the way up in about 45 minutes or so, enjoyed the view and took our time coming back down.

I think this means I've been to the top of all the major peaks in the extensive Phoenix park system now. We're planning on heading north in search of cooler weather this summer and more challenges.

On the way up and down we had a long conversation about the implications of the new anti-immigration legislation here in Arizona that was signed yesterday. It's going to be a very difficult time for the Church because many of the people we have in our community are directly threatened by this new law. Keep us in prayer.

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