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Assessing the Severity of an Influenza Pandemic as of May 12, 2009

Bill Martin

An influenza pandemic is caused by a virus that is either entirely new or has not circulated recently and widely in the human population, creating an almost universal vulnerability to infection. Although not all people ever become infected during a pandemic, nearly all people are susceptible to infection.  How contagious the virus is also influences the severity of a pandemic’s impact, as it can increase the number of people falling ill and needing care within […]


Bill Martin

Update & Recommendations:  Swine Flu Outbreak (April 30, 2009)*   Swine Flu Update As you may already know, human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection have been identified in several states and in other countries, primarily Mexico.  So far in the U.S., 109  cases have been identified, and one  death has been reported.  In Mexico, according to current data from the WHO (World Health Organization), 26 laboratory-confirmed cases have been reported with 7 […]

Recent Advances in H5N1 Influenza Virus Research

Bill Martin

RECENT ADVANCES IN H5N1 INFLUENZA VIRUS RESEARCH Although the newspapers no longer carry headlines of the fears of a world-wide bird flu pandemic, the threat still remains. Public health officials make it very clear this virus can readily mutate into a virus ever bit as threatening in humans as it has become in birds. For example, India is in the midst of a significant outbreak in poultry and there is much concern by the health […]


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Deacon Bill (see below) has sent along this first column: On both November 2 and 9, the Bishop of Arizona’s E-pistle included excerpts on pandemic influenza planning along with a partial list of additional resources. Since I have a relatively extensive background in the study of infectious diseases, I submit the following as an introduction on this potentially deadly infectious disease. Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. It is no secret that […]