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City dwelling is deleterious

Science / Travel

It’s reasonably well known that crowded urban environments create enough stress that physical and mental performance declines in biological species. (I remember a reading about a study done on rats years ago that showed that at a certain level of crowding female rats began to spontaneously end pregnancies with miscarriages and were more likely to eat the babies if they were live born.) There’s evidence that too much crowding in a human environment causes a […]

The view from Bell Rock


Went on a day hike around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte today. When we got to the north side of Bell Rock, I found a spur trail that ran up the side of the “mountain” to an extraordinary view. This picture is from there. We forgot to take the camera with us so I was “forced” to use my phone. At least I was able to publish the picture to this blog in real time. […]

Light Rail’s greatest hits – Houston style

Travel / Web/Tech

The streets around the Cathedral in Phoenix have been torn up for more than a year. It’s all part of a construction project that will be bringing Light Rail to the city, and connecting parts of the Arizona State University campus. But, as someone who is going to have be driving day-in and day-out around the trains, this video is making me little nervous now…

Memorial Day 2008

Current Affairs / Travel

Last year, in observance of Memorial Day, I posted a selection of photos that I took in 2004 and 2005 traveling in Northern Europe with my family visiting World War 1 and 2 battle sites. I’ve added the photo album to the sidebar and will leave it up for the coming week. I do hope you’ll take some time this weekend to remember the sacrifice that so many men and women have made to protect […]

Home again…


I’m back online (which feels like home) and in the airport in New Orleans waiting for my flight. CREDO was wonderful, an opportunity to take some time to reflect on where my life is going and what I want to be doing with the next 10 or 20 years of ministry that God may be giving to me. CREDO II follows on the work of CREDO 1 by inviting the participants to focus less on […]

Gone fission


Heh. (get it?) Seriously – I’m going offline for a week I think. I’m attending CREDO 121 at Solomon Episcopal Conf. Center in Loranger LA from Monday this week until Monday next. I’m told the use of laptops for communication with the outside world is strongly discouraged (the exact phrase). I also note that according to Verizon wireless’ coverage maps, I’m going to be in an area with little or no coverage so my chance […]