Gone fission


Heh. (get it?)

Seriously – I’m going offline for a week I think. I’m attending CREDO 121 at Solomon Episcopal Conf. Center in Loranger LA from Monday this week until Monday next. I’m told the use of laptops for communication with the outside world is strongly discouraged (the exact phrase). I also note that according to Verizon wireless’ coverage maps, I’m going to be in an area with little or no coverage so my chance of “cheating” is probably minimal.

For those of you not familiar with the CREDO program in the Episcopal Church, there’s a pretty good explanation here. In a nutshell, it’s a chance for Episcopal clergy to take some time every decade or so to evaluate where they are in the life in terms of their prayer life, family life, finances, vocation and ministry, and their health. I attended my first CREDO some time ago and was a bit reluctant but went at the urging of a good friend of mine who served on the CREDO faculty. It turned out to be the best “national church” experience that I ever had. And the lessons that I learned at that retreat have been very important to the shape of my present ministry – and even my setting up of this blog.

So if you are of such a mind, I be grateful for your prayers, both for me as I work a bit more on personal development, and for my family as they manage (likely very well) without me around for a bit.

I’ve got some great books to read, especially James Alison’s “The Joy of Being Wrong: Original Sin through Easter Eyes” and a book by M. Rex North called the “The Millennium Matrix”. And I’m planning in getting some writing and journaling done. I’ll post anything that’s worthwhile and maybe a book review or two when I get back to the Internet in a week.

UPDATE: I’m sitting here in Phoenix waiting for my flight to Houston. The internet in the airport is extraordinarily slow if you just use the DNS servers assigned to you by the wireless network here. However, the wise geek carries with him/her the DNS addresses of the OpenDNS servers ( and for just this sort of situation. (There’s more information about OpenDNS here – and for folks that are traveling and discovering that they’ve got really slow connections to the ‘net, having these as a backup can be a godsend.)

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