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Good News for Swaziland?

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Just saw this bit of news posted: “Swaziland’s first Demographic Health Survey has found that 26 percent of sexually active Swazis are infected with HIV. The last prevalence survey, based on tests of pregnant women at antenatal clinics, had found a 38.6 percent HIV infection rate. The new figure was derived from a house-to-house survey by the Central Statistics Office for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Men and women living at selected households […]

AIDS drugs not turning things around in Africa

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The UPI has this report of a paper recently published: “Doctors say AIDS is spreading in Africa faster than clinics can treat it, despite billions of dollars spent expanding access to antiretroviral drugs. ‘At the moment, I just see a never-ending sea of disaster,’ Francois Venter, president of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, told The New York Times. U.N. reports say that for every South African who started taking antiretroviral drugs last year, five […]

Swaziland’s worst harvest ever

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In the midst of this week’s edition of “As the Anglican World Turns” comes a frightening bit of unnoticed news: “A prolonged dry spell and high temperatures ravaged Swaziland’s maize crop in 2007, resulting in the lowest annual harvest on record and leaving more than a third of the population in need of food assistance, according to a report issued today by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP). […]

Picture Postcard from Swaziland

Swaziland / World Mission

Found this online this evening: “We met this afternoon with Derek von Wissell, the head of NERCHA, the program created by the government in 2002 to spearhead the national response to HIV/AIDS. Derek, the former minister of finance, explained the particular complexity and urgency of eliminating AIDS in Swaziland. He stressed the critical role that (RED) consumers play in making this hope real, particularly for the 70,000 children orphaned by the disease. Most of these […]

Another Swaziland report

Swaziland / World Mission

I stumbled across this report today on the JoinRed blog: “Hi from Mbabane, Swaziland’s charming capital, which is set amidst green rolling hills and has been providing Karen and me with a very warm welcome, in all ways. It feels as if we have been here for longer than three days. We have met a range of amazing people with incredible stories, whose courage in the face of unbelievable hardship boggles the mind – both […]

Bono’s E35m for NERCHA


Excellent news from Swaziland this morning: “WORLD famous Irish rock star and U2 lead singer Bono has donated more than E35 million (US$5m) to the National Emergency Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) through his philanthrophic initiative (Product) RED. NERCHA Director Derek von Wissell yesterday told The Swazi Observer that the funds generated through (Product) Red were administered by the Global Fund, adding that Swaziland and Rwanda were chosen by the latter to be the […]

Reports from Swaziland


Here’s a link to a post that has some up-to-date information about the situation in Swaziland and how the AIDS pandemic is effecting the children of that nation: “At the Mangweni care point, we saw children in their classroom writing, with great concentration, in special workbooks, despite not yet having eaten that day. The teacher, Queeneth, explained to us that these are all children who have never been to a formal school, and this program […]

Has Swaziland turned the corner in the fight against AIDS?


There’s some good news released this morning about the fight against HIV and AIDS in Swaziland… “MBABANE, 5 December (PLUSNEWS) – The Swazi government expressed cautious optimism after a survey found that 39.2 percent of women visiting antenatal clinics tested positive for HIV, indicating that the infection rate was dropping. Medical data from pregnant women is used as a barometer of HIV/AIDS prevalence among the country’s about one million people and although the figure was […]

Deja Vu all over again: The Preview to Anti-GMO activism, DDT

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Here’s an interesting post about the decision to return to DDT usage in the developing world as a way of combating malaria. “Among the most effective ways to control malaria is indoor spraying with DDT. It can reduce malaria transmission by up to 90 per cent and, when used properly, is safe for both humans and the environment. Yet, for many years, DDT has been taboo. African nations dismantled their spraying programs because donors wouldn’t […]

HIV/AIDS aggravates chronic hunger despite better harvests in Southern Africa

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“WFP has warned that despite better harvests across southern Africa, more than three million people will remain short of food because of chronic vulnerability caused by grinding poverty and the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS. The harvest report follows a one-day conference by the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) yesterday in Johannesburg, where representatives from 10 countries announced preliminary agricultural production levels for the 2006/7 consumption year. … “But as long as HIV/AIDS remains at […]