Good News for Swaziland?

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Just saw this bit of news posted:

“Swaziland’s first Demographic Health Survey has found that 26 percent of sexually active Swazis are infected with HIV. The last prevalence survey, based on tests of pregnant women at antenatal clinics, had found a 38.6 percent HIV infection rate.

The new figure was derived from a house-to-house survey by the Central Statistics Office for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Men and women living at selected households were questioned, and their blood taken for anonymous testing. “

That number is down significantly from its previous levels – but the methodology is different enough that it’s not really an apples-to-apples comparison.

Still, having one quarter of a nation’s adult population HIV positive in a place with little access to anti retro-viral drugs is a very frightening thing. Especially for the orphans that are going to be left behind.

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