Hans Rosling: New insights on poverty and life around the world (video)

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Thanks to Sean McConnell for pointing this video presentation out to me:

“In a follow-up to his now-legendary TED2006 presentation, Hans Rosling demonstrates how developing countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. He shows us the next generation of his Trendalyzer software — which analyzes and displays data in amazingly accessible ways, allowing people to see patterns previously hidden behind mountains of stats. (Ten days later, he announced a deal with Google to acquire the software.) He also demos Dollar Street, a program that lets you peer in the windows of typical families worldwide living at different income levels. Be sure to watch straight through to the (literally) jaw-dropping finale.”

The message he shares, that it is possible to create a world with an equitable distibution of resources if we put our mind to it, is one to think hard about as we American’s celebrate our nation’s ideals tomorrow.

Watch it HERE.

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