Apple – Batteries – Phoenix. Not.


I’ve been thinking about the new iPhone. Well, not so much thinking as trying to talk myself out of running around the corner and buying one.

Good news I guess. My local Apple store is out of them this morning. (And my checking account is simultaneously out of the requisite funds – how freaky is that? Grin.)

But here’s something about the Apple batteries that I hadn’t noticed before. (Don’t know if it’s true for all Li-ion batteries or not):

“If you use your iPod, iPhone, or notebook in temperatures higher than 95° F (or 35° C), you may permanently damage your battery’s capacity. That is, your battery won’t power your device as long on any given charge. You may damage it even more if you charge the device in these temperatures. Even storing a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly.”

Ironically, and perhaps conveniently there’s a cold front expected here in Phoenix this weekend. We should see the midweek high temperatures drop 10 degrees.

From 117 F to 107 F.

Ha! Phoenix laughs at your puny iPhone batteries.


From here: Apple – Batteries

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  1. I’m not gonna be sitting outside in 95 degrees making phone calls, you will find me in a nice cool Starbucks.
    Those battery issues are a pain with apple products though, when the battery does wear out I found a site called that will get you a better iPhone battery and replace it for you faster and cheaper than apple. Nice to have options!
    – laura

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