The Church in Tombstone


“Thirty years before Arizona even became a state, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church opened its doors in the heart of Tombstone. The first service at St. Paul’s was conducted June 18, 1882, by the Rev. Endicott Peabody.

Today, that opening date makes it the oldest Protestant church in the state.

For a 125th anniversary celebration, church and community members gathered Saturday for a commemorative service and festivities to follow.

‘It was thrilling to play and hear so many people singing,’ said Jewel Levy, the church pianist, who performed to a full house, with overflow crowds singing outside.

She performs on an 1891 piano. Not to worry, it was tuned just the day before and refinished five years ago.

The instrument is just one of the many antique gems lying within the church’s adobe brick walls.”

My family and I drove through Tombstone on our way to Bisbee for the border march a few months ago. Our daughter had no idea why we were both so excited when we drove past the OK coral.

How much cooler is it to realize that Wyatt Earp’s family gave the altar rail for the “mother” church of the Diocese.

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