Bono’s E35m for NERCHA


Excellent news from Swaziland this morning:

“WORLD famous Irish rock star and U2 lead singer Bono has donated more than E35 million (US$5m) to the National Emergency Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) through his philanthrophic initiative (Product) RED.

NERCHA Director Derek von Wissell yesterday told The Swazi Observer that the funds generated through (Product) Red were administered by the Global Fund, adding that Swaziland and Rwanda were chosen by the latter to be the first showcase countries to receive the financial assistance from the Bono-led initiative.

von Wissell explained that Swaziland was chosen as a ‘showcase country,’ by Global Fund, because of its strong track record within the Global Fund’s performance-based model of grant evaluation.”

E35m is something just under 5 million US dollars. This is a huge help to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Swaziland. More importantly it’s been given directly to NERCHA – and I can personally attest to their dedication and integrity in using these funds to support the people in the villages who are on the front line working against the effects that this disease is having on Swazi society.

Read the rest here: Bono’S E35m for NERCHA

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