Reports from Swaziland


Here’s a link to a post that has some up-to-date information about the situation in Swaziland and how the AIDS pandemic is effecting the children of that nation:

“At the Mangweni care point, we saw children in their classroom writing, with great concentration, in special workbooks, despite not yet having eaten that day. The teacher, Queeneth, explained to us that these are all children who have never been to a formal school, and this program is designed to get them to a level of literacy that will allow them to enter the formal system and be at the same level as their peers. Then we watched the children line up to wash their hands before being served their meal of maize porridge with beans, and then stand in another line, holding out their plastic plates, to be served their meal from big steaming cauldrons. We saw children as young as 5, barefoot and in threadbare clothes, caring for their baby brothers and sisters. The volunteers cook and look after the children day in and day out, because they are driven by a sense of collective community responsibility.”

Read the rest here and see the pictures as well: Adele reports about her Swaziland trip

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