HIV/AIDS aggravates chronic hunger despite better harvests in Southern Africa

Swaziland / World Mission

“WFP has warned that despite better harvests across southern Africa, more than three million people will remain short of food because of chronic vulnerability caused by grinding poverty and the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS.

The harvest report follows a one-day conference by the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) yesterday in Johannesburg, where representatives from 10 countries announced preliminary agricultural production levels for the 2006/7 consumption year.

“But as long as HIV/AIDS remains at such epic proportions throughout southern Africa, a large number of people will face severe hardship unless international assistance is provided. Good harvests do not necessarily mean people have enough to eat.”

Many people in southern Africa will need humanitarian assistance for the year ahead because they were unable to grow enough food to feed themselves until the next harvest, or they are unable to buy food on the market.”

Read the rest here: Reuters AlertNet – HIV/AIDS aggravates chronic hunger despite better harvests in Southern Africa

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