Encourage one another, lest we lose heart

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Encourage definition closeup showing motivationFrom our diocesan newsletter this week:

Usually, this time of year, I’d be writing a message encouraging you to unplug and relax in these final days of Summer. But this year, as much as we wanted to do so, national and global events and the resurgent pandemic make all that feel impossible. The sad truth is this is the second summer in a row that we can’t take a breath.

This long slow series of emergencies is taking a horrible toll on us. I hear from many of you that you’re close to giving up. I get that. I do. And you have no idea how much I want to promise you that it’s going to get better soon. But I don’t know that anyone can say that right now because few of us would believe it.

Most of St. Paul’s letters contain calls to the community to encourage each other and lift each other. To me, for a long while, that seemed a lovely sentiment but kind of an obvious thing to say. Well, it’s not so obvious today. And I have a better grasp of why it’s essential.

As Christian people, we make vows to be light and salt to the world around us. The world around us needs us to do that today. And with all the weight of the news pressing in on us, it feels like we’re in danger of losing our saltiness.

My friends, do what you can to encourage one another in these last days of this summer. We need each other – and together, we can manage to hold on to our faith and not lose heart. It’s important. The world needs us to do for it, what we need to do for each other.

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