Some Thoughts on the Eve of the 77th General Convention

General Convention

As chair (for a little while longer at least) of the deputation of the Diocese of Arizona to General Convention, Bishop Smith invited me to share some reflections on the upcoming meeting in Indianapolis.

“Beginning next week, bishops and deputies from each diocese of the Episcopal Church will be meeting in our once-every-three year General Convention. This Convention, the 77th in our history, promises to be different from ones in recent memory. It’s going to be shorter with less time for deliberation or conversation, the presenting issues are different than the issues we’ve been struggling with since the mid-1990’s, and we are in the midst of a pretty significant leadership change.”

More here on the Diocese of Arizona’s website.

I talk a bit about the implications of a shorter timeframe and tighter schedule for the work of Convention, some of the issues of General Convention that I know are of particular concern in Arizona and the larger unreported backstory of a generational shift in leadership. Have a read if you’re interested.

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