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I’m trying to think of how to make best use of my two blogs. This one, Entangled States, has been around for nearly 20 years. My new one, is just getting started.

Entangled States has been the place I’ve been posting sermons and long form pieces for years. Over that time it’s built up a group of followers and subscribers. According to WordPress there are about 2,000 people who get posts by email, about 3,500 who get posts by Twitter and another 3,000 or so who follow along on Facebook. That’s about 8,500 people (likely less as I expect there’s some overlap) who get pinged every time I post something. I’m very grateful for those of you who have found what I post interesting enough to subscribe. And I’m intentionally restrained in how often I post as I don’t want to unnecessarily disturb you. I’ve heard from people over the past 3 years that they are particularly interested in the sermon posts and some are using them in their worship, or that those posts, for some shut-ins, have become a sort of church for them.

I’ve been thinking about posting more frequently to the new site. There are things that I might have posted to Entangled States, particularly science news items and random thoughts, but I’m worried about overloading people who aren’t looking for that sort of content. It’s easier to post to the new site, and it’s linked to Twitter and Mastodon so it has some of the same reach. (There’s a way for me to set up email subscriptions there too, but I’m not sure there would be much interest.) I can’t see how many people follow the new micro blog site (which is probably good for my soul) so I have no idea if people even know it exists though, and if there’s something particularly interesting, I’m thinking I may end up cross posting. (Apologies in advance.) You can follow the micro blog directly on Activity Pub (Mastodon is an example of a platform that uses that service) at – and that might make it easier all around for folks.

Let me know if you have a preference about such things? Either reply by email if you get posts through email, or leave a comment here on the blog. (Or talk to me in person if we see each other sometime.)

I’m planning on taking my very first ever sabbatical at the end of this year, and I have some book ideas that I’d like to work on during it. And I’ve noticed that when I have time to write in long form, I tend to have more to say online as well.

(Fair warning! Heh.)

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  1. Celeste says

    WOW!  Glad to hear of your first ever Sabbatical!  I look forward to your book(s). 


    div>As to process for posting your reflections: This mid-70’s pers

  2. says

    I am not on any social media, so I prefer email. However, I cannot post comments as they only go to social media sites. I am sorry for that.

    I think commenting on the universe and God is appropriate as this is the century when we have amazing telescopes to show us this magnificence that is part of our existence, our frailty and the enormous blessings of our curiosity and awe.

    Barbara Capalbo

  3. Drew Dorgan says

    Yes! Post more! And YES! Write another book! I am an avid reader and your content fills my soul and my mind. Can’t get enough! And for the record, I am one of your followers across all channels but I like that. I get bits and pieces while waiting for the long form. You really have such a gift! Lent is Not Rocket Science is my favorite book ever — beating out The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and Brave New World.

  4. griggs2000 says

    I just went to @wnknisely on for the first time and liked it. How would I follow you on that? I do email and Facebook, but not Twitter or those other places you mentioned (Mastadon???).
    Keep up the good work, and enjoy your sabatical.
    David Griggs

  5. Dear Bishop Knisely, I enjoy your sermon videos at this site (even though I haven’t been keeping up recently, merely related to my poor time management). I also love how I can see the seasonal changes at Rhode Island via your garden, always the opposite to where I am! Personally, my preference would be Entangled States is kept for sermons, reflections on current topics, and important notices. Your micro blog posts are easily accessible to me via Mastodon and Twitter (and I appreciate them) but I wouldn’t need or want them coming through on my WP Reader feed as well. Thank you for asking your followers how they feel about this. Best wishes, Liz ~New Zealand

  6. Yep – email feed is good. I added a RSS feed reader but would be happy to have fewer apps rather than more… Enjoy the break – and maybe try NOT doing anything for a few weeks/months! Centering and all that….

  7. Mike Donohue says

    Dear Bishop Knisely Thank you for the Entangled States newsletter.  I introduced myself to you on Wednesday morning on the train to Providence when my wife Nancy and I were on our way to Boston. Rob Zimmer, one of the parishioners of St. Paul’s and a board member of HistWick had suggested that I sign up for your blogs and I’m happy I did, the discussions and the sermons are always thought provoking, and I need to have my thoughts provoked regularly.  I am grateful that you have chosen Wickford to be your home and for your support of many village activities. 

    If we can ever be of any service please let us know. Best wishes, Mike Donohue

  8. Bob Burton says

    I have been a subscriber to Entangled States, almost the
    entire time it has been up. I continue to use it, along with
    my regular church attendance, as an additional means of

    I try to listen/read all of your sermons, ideas (religious, scientific….),
    book suggestions etc. I encourage you to please keep them coming.
    I would not however, care to be compelled to use Facebook, Twitter, …,
    I have no objections to others doing so, I simply prefer to avoid these

    In the name or Jesus Christ.

    Robert Burton

  9. Nancy MacLeod says

    Thanks for this! I would love to receive separate email notification of posts on both blogs, but would be fine if it’s all in one place too. Peace, Nancy MacLeod

    “You can best serve civilization by being against what usually passes for it.” / Wendell Berry “When we wake up we must scrub our knowledge with wonder every day” / Benjamin Schmitt

  10. Gale Grey says

    Hello Bishop Knisely- I was following you on Twitter and I think I still am, but Twitter is somewhat in flux at the present time. I get your Entangled States on email, and Twitter was/may still be, my backup. People have convinced me to sign up for social media sites, that I kind of now wish I hadn’t, like Nextdoor, so I’m kind of reluctant to sign up for Mastodon. Will it turn out to be the new bright shiny thing? I don’t know. If you offered the option to get the microblog on email I would sign up. You could do what Newport Preservation Society does and offer a weekly recap, if the microblog posts are that many. I enjoy your thoughtful sermons most. I don’t usually use them in place of Church but in addition to Church. I am grateful to how faithful you’ve been to posting even though I know you must be very busy. It’s funny that I too for the first time in my life have been offered a Sabbatical at my workplace for later this year. I hope yours is restful and a wonderful time. Thank you again for all your contributions!

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