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A new author! Welcome Deacon Bill


Some of you know that I spent a chunk of last month traveling around the state of Arizona meeting with other Episcopal clergy and talking about the work of writing for blogs. As a result of that series our bishop is now blogging and about 7 or so other clergy have blogs in the works. (That’s in addition to the 6 of us (lay and clergy) who were already blogging.) One of our deacons was […]

Back to my roots


Sorry for the lack of updates these past weeks. I’ve been swimming as fast as I can just to try to keep up with what’s really important – being a priest who serves a congregation. At the moment I’m the only full-time priest at the Cathedral, and as we’re growing, trying to ramp up our regular activities, and manage staff changes, it means that I’m running out of time to post. But I’ve been thinking […]

Arizona Bishop is a blogger

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I’ve been going around the Diocese of Arizona this month giving a series of talks titled Online Evangelism: “Bloggin’ for Jesus” It’s been great to see the clergy here in the diocese get excited about finding creative ways to connect directly with people seeking to learn more about Christianity and about the Episcopal Church. I’m particularly excited to link to our bishop’s first blog post at his new blog: “This is my first experience in […]

Yay Jose!


Last night we went to the ballgame. My daughter surprised her mother and me a few months ago, when asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to go an Arizona Diamondbacks game. So after some confusion about dates, we now have seats for for all three of the final home-stand games of the season where the D-backs in a race to win the NL West are taking on the LA Dodgers. […]

I’m still here…


Hi all – Sorry for the relative silence of late. It’s been wonderfully busy at the Cathedral these past few weeks as we start to gear up for the fall, and as such my blogging has decreased. The forecast is for increased postings as Labor Day approaches however…

In a Godward direction: Thinking Bloggers


Tobias Haller tagged me as a “thinking blogger” in that I am one of the sites he reads that regularly makes him think. Thanks Tobias! In a Godward direction: Thinking Bloggers Now I’m supposed to name six sites I read that make me do the same thing… I’m on it. I’ll try to get a list up in a day or so. I’ve already got one problem though, Tobias’ blog is one of the sites […]

The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity


Marc Andreeson has a blog! (If you don’t recognize the name, he’s the guy who as a grad student took the software engine from the Mosaic browser and re-wrote/re-packaged it as Netscape.) Marc is now working at Google. He has a post up on his work style – ala “Getting Things Done”. There’s a number of interesting tips, including this one about email: “Do email exactly twice a day — say, once first thing in […]

Titus One Nine moves to new site


Kendall Harmon’s blog has moved to a new server this morning, and a new address as well: “As you have noticed, because of traffic, the server on the old site simply became unable to handle the blog reliably so we had to move. My intention in the short term is to move the new material here but to keep all the old posts at the old site for research, review, etc.” Congratulations to Kendall and […]

The comments are live on Episcopal Cafe

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The happy day has finally come! A project that Jim and I and others have been working on for some time now is live and fully functioning. If you haven’t already stopped by, go check out Episcopal Cafe. (The Cafe is actually 4 blogs at the moment: The Lead – breaking news, Daily Episcopalian – a potpourri of essays by some of the best bloggers in the Episcopal Church, Speaking to the Soul – meditations […]

Beyond the Last Word – now live!


Here’s a new thing we’ve just started at the Cathedral: Link: Beyond the Last Word. Welcome to Beyond the Last Word, an invitation to open-minded listening and dialogue initiated by members of Phoenix, Arizona’s Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Our conversations take their topical cue from Speaking of Faith, public radio’s weekly conversation about religion, meaning, ethics and ideas. I’m so happy to have had a small part in getting this project up and running. The intention […]