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I’ve been going around the Diocese of Arizona this month giving a series of talks titled Online Evangelism: “Bloggin’ for Jesus”

It’s been great to see the clergy here in the diocese get excited about finding creative ways to connect directly with people seeking to learn more about Christianity and about the Episcopal Church.

I’m particularly excited to link to our bishop’s first blog post at his new blog:

“This is my first experience in the world of blogging. The Dean of our Cathedral, the Vy Rev. Nick Kniseley has given the clergy of the diocese some lessons in ‘Blogging for Jesus.’ I hope to use this as a tool for reaching those in this Diocese and beyond.”

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  1. Fr. Jeremy Warnick says

    Thanks, Nick, for the update. Your presentation was awesome and it is neat to see how clergy are getting on board with this way of communicating. I am glad our Bishop has come aboard. I had a blog prior to the presentation but you inspired me to really use it as a tool and to learn to enjoy using in more. Visit me (Thoughts from the Desert) at
    Many thanks!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jeremy, and thank even more for the link!
    I’ll be working up my “Arizona blogroll” sometime early next week – once I get this sermon written and get through the weekend. Grin.

  3. Jeffrey Hall says

    Hello Nick,
    I’m glad I decided to run down to Epiphany for a quick practice yesterday and met you! You have a very interesting blog here, and I look forward to reading it. Thanks also for the tipoff to the Bishop’s blog. I’m going to add both to my feeds.

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