All Creatures Great and Small


Some images from Trinity Cathedral:

“Trinity Cathedral held a service of ‘Blessing of the Animals’ as a way of connecting with the neighborhood around the Cathedral, and as mechanism to collect goods for the Humane Society’s animal shelter program near the Feast of St. Francis. Here are some of the pictures from that day…”

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  1. Jeffrey Hall says

    Every once in a while, you do something you know you’ll never regret — one of those for me was in Fall 2003, when I took our aging Alaskan Husky down to Epiphany to this service. She was 13 and had been having intermittent seizures for some time, and I had a feeling it might be her last chance to go to the blessing. The following January, we indeed had to have her put down. I’ll always be glad I took her that day. It’s a very nice service indeed.

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