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Jan Nunley over on Episcope found and posted an article from an African newspaper talking about an evolving situation in the Anglican Province of Central Africa:

“The Anglican Province of Central Africa has initiated moves to expel controversial bishop of the capital, Nolbert Kunonga, after he withdrew the Harare diocese from the province alleging that it had failed to censure bishops sympathetic towards homosexuality.

Kunonga, a staunch supporter of the ruling Zanu PF government, wrote a letter to the province’s Archbishop and Primate Bernard Malango on September 21 pulling the Harare diocese out of the Province of Central Africa. Malango has since retired.

The province has concluded that Kunonga’s action is of the effect that the Harare diocese is no longer part of the church. The legal process in motion is meant to regain control of the diocese.

The province through lawyers Gill, Godlonton & Gerrans wrote to Kunonga this week asking him to surrender the church’s property and divest himself of the rights of being a signatory to the diocese of Harare’s bank accounts and investments.”

The interesting thing here is that the Province of Central Africa is asserting that a bishop can leave his diocese, but that the Diocese is a creature of the Province, not an independent entity that can choose which Communion it prefers. The argument is essentially the same one that is being made here in the Episcopal Church about some of the folks in our diocese arguing that they are free to shop around and find a province to their liking.

Read the rest here: Expulsion

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