In a Godward direction: Thinking Bloggers


Tobias Haller tagged me as a “thinking blogger” in that I am one of the sites he reads that regularly makes him think.

Thanks Tobias!

In a Godward direction: Thinking Bloggers

Now I’m supposed to name six sites I read that make me do the same thing…

I’m on it. I’ll try to get a list up in a day or so. I’ve already got one problem though, Tobias’ blog is one of the sites I’d list, and he’s listed some of the ones that I would have used as well in his list.

/me starts rummaging through my pile of RSS feeds.

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  1. A MacArthur says

    I believe that you could nominate your parishioner and intelligent blogger Chuck at a Guy in a Pew without feeling you are being partial.
    Alice MacArthur

  2. Alice:
    I am flattered but I can think of dozens of far more deserving blogs–all of which have been at this for far longer than my two months. I don’t envy Nicholas’ job in choosing just six from among them.

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