Writer’s Block


I’ve been struggling with finding a desire to write just about anything since the beginning of this past fall. I think I know the reason – which has to do with some family issues – and rather than rage against the void, I decided I’d be better served by just going along with the blockage. Luckily it seems to have mostly effected my online essay output, not my sermon output. (Though truth be told, my parish newsletter pieces have been pretty thin gruel of late.)

The good news is that I’m starting to feel the ideas bubbling up again. I’ve got a couple (maybe three!) ideas for Daily Episcopalian columns, I’m not dreading Fridays right now (the day I’m normally responsible for the news at the Lead), and I’m finding myself being drawn back to the basic questions of faith and reason that got me started blogging in the first place.

So it’s all good.

I guess it’s true what they say; when you find your self in a “dark” place, the only way to get out of it is to keep on walking. Eventually you’ll start to climb again.

So keep an eye out here. Summer’s coming, and I hear the clergy cavalry bugle signaling reinforcements are on their way to the Cathedral. I’m thinking I’ve got some time to do some of the writing that I’m starting to get excited about doing.

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  1. Glad to see you back; your voice has been missed around the blogosphere.

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