Fixin’ me software


Hi all.

Today’s my day off. I’m sitting here at the house doing my chores (laundry, gardening, cleaning) and I remembered that I’ve been having problems with one of the programs (MacJournal) that I prefer to use for writing longish posts and essays for this here.

I’ve had it for so long, and mucked about with it’s internals that it’s managed to get itself completely confused about how to communicate as a client with the Typepad server.

So today I just went plowing through the various journals, archiving the ones that were no longer active and fixing the ones that I was regularly updating. If all the maintenance bears fruit, then this should appear with proper categories, and the formatting intact.

If not, then apparently I’ve got to dig a little deeper into the internals.

Update after posting…

Yay. Looks like I was able to fix the issue. (For those who care, it appears that MacJournal stores the server information in each journal that’s configured to post to the web. I had to nuke journals one at a time until I found the ones that were problematic. The problem was more on my end than that of the software author (Dan Schimpf). I’ve been running every beta he’s ever posted – and somewhere along the line something broke in my installation. But it seems to be working now.

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