Websites for Bible Study


I’ve been spending the morning getting myself ready for the long marathon run of the coming Church year – and especially spending some time working on my chief task as a preacher, bible research and study.

I came across this site that has a great list of online resources:

Websites for Bible Study

There are a number of other sites out there for Lectionary text preparation (like TextWeek), but I’m curious if any of you have come across any other great study sites?

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  1. Jonathan says

    You have hit most of the major ones that I know of. One that seems to be missing, perhaps tangential for sermon prep but great for the History of Early Christianity is
    In the early days of the internet, the ecole initiative was also important, but it is no longer maintained. Still, there may be some useful materials there:
    Check out religion online as well. In addition to lots of other stuff, it provides access to a lot of, if not all, Christian Century:
    If you can get access through a theological library or a seminary, the ATLA religion database is indispensable. Text this week links to articles in it. My former seminary provided access to alumni at least for a time.

  2. Thanks Ann and Jonathan…
    I do have a subscription to ATLA. It’s one of my most used resources – I can’t imagine doing sermon prep without having access to that database. It’s only $100/year for a clergy person – and it carries all the major journals. That’s well within my yearly periodical budget.

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