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News from Uganda this morning:

“Uganda’s Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi consecrated an American bishop opposed to gay marriage on Sunday, the latest in a spate of conservative clerics to leave the U.S. Episcopal Church.

The consecration of the Virginia-based conservative, John Guernsey, came just three days after Kenya’s Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi named two American priests as bishops.

Orombi spokeswoman Alison Barfoot said the archbishop had called Guernsey to lead 33 congregations in the United States that will recognize the Church of Uganda’s authority.”

The one particularly interesting piece in this Reuters article is the final quote:

“This is not about sexuality, it’s about scripture,” Barfoot said. “The leadership of the Anglican church has hijacked us to a faith that does not represent Biblical Christianity.”

That’s new as far as I can tell. Normally the charge of hijacking is left at the feet of the leadership of the Episcopal Church. I’m not sure if this is an accurate quote or not, but if it is, this if the first time I’ve seen such a statement coming out of one of the African Anglican provinces.

Read the rest here: Uganda consecrates U.S. conservative as bishop –

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  1. “Gay marriage”? What does “gay marriage” have to do with it?
    Just another fabrication, it seems. In the long run, though, the constant stream of falsehoods and misrepresentations will go to discredit the whole enterprise. I actually don’t know why anybody still takes the separatists seriously any longer, in fact.

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