Technocrat: The Other Great Debate: Peak Oil

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Technocrat has a great post up today with lots of links to information about the Peak Oil controversy.

“Sourced from the ‘The Oil Drum’ I submit a few articles about that other thing that people debate, Peak Oil.

A fine place to begin the discussion would be here: World Oil Forecasts Including Saudi Arabia – Update Aug 2007 and then a somewhat dissenting analysis of Saudi reserves: Saudi Arabia – production forecasts and reserves estimates.

From all that I can tell the concept Peak Oil is every bit as contentious as Anthropogenic Climate Change. Two recently publish books: The Last Oil Shock by David Strahan and The Battle for Barrels by Duncan Clarke is an excellent example. Both books discuss future petroleum supply but reach wildly disparate conclusions. In a pair of open letters post on The Oil Drum the two authors continued the debate. Here is David Strahan’s open letter and then Duncan Clarke’s follows.

A Google search shows there are a lot of theories positing that Peak Oil is simply a myth (ranging from Globalist & Zionist scams) to the far more interesting idea that oil is ‘Abiogenic’. Of course there is the slightly more reasonable idea that Peak Oil may be a real phenomena but certainly not one happening any time soon. However, from my readings the most compelling argument is that global oil production has already peaked (2006) and is now in the plateau.”

Follow this link to get the active links to the resources mentioned. The last comment above is to me the most telling piece of evidence. And the longer that peak stands, the more compelling it becomes. The Other Great Debate: Peak Oil

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