AAC President Rips Williams over Lambeth Invitation List

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Canon David Anderson, the president of the American Anglican Council has some thoughts about the who’s invited and who’s not invited to Lambeth. The AAC is part of the constellation of conservative Anglican organizations working in the USA.

Suffice it to say he’s not pleased:

“I think Lambeth is playing for what the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks is the middle ground, but he has sorely misjudged the reality. The middle is very small. Most of the American Episcopal Church is trapped under highly revisionist and pantheistic leaders, for whom Jesus Christ is not the only way. Thus, numbers-wise, TEC has little middle ground, with the revisionists in the majority, the orthodox secondary, and those in the middle last in number. In the international Anglican Communion, the majority of members are orthodox, especially in the Global South, and the revisionists are scattered among small provinces whose entire active membership would hardly be the size of an African diocese.

It is also quite possible that Dr. Williams is being disingenuous in his do-not-invite list. Already Kenneth Kearon, the Anglican Communion Office secretary-general, is reported as saying that Robinson might be invited as a visitor, but that Minns would not be invited as such. So, Lambeth Palace offers a possible back-door way for the homosexual activist Robinson to get on-site at next year’s Lambeth Conference, while excluding Minns, a godly and moral leader, as well as the godly and moral leaders of AMiA. It will be up to the Global South to respond to the exclusion of the Nigerian and Rwandan bishops.”

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