Bishop Smith on the controversy over Lambeth invitations

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My own bishop, Kirk Smith has posted his thoughts on the ways we might think about the implications of who and who has not been invited to Lambeth in 2008.

He begins with in a way that got all of our attention:

“On Tuesday I picked up some old friends at the airport. They were all members of the ‘Baby Bishop’s School’ class that I had attended right after I was consecrated. We had bonded so well that when the formal instruction was over, we decided to keep meeting on our own for mutual support and learning. Just before I picked them up, I received an email from London informing me that the Archbishop of Canterbury had invited me to the Lambeth Conference of 2008. One of the bishops I met at the airport, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, had just been informed that he was not invited.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. L. Ryan says

    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what the bishop’s response would be. I’m glad he responded as he did.

  2. WilliamPaul says

    . The two men could hardly be more different. Bishop Robinson was duly elected and consecrated according to the Canons and Constitution of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Minns was irregularly consecrated as a protest against policies of the Episcopal Church. As we all know by now, Bishop Robinson is a gay man in a long-term partnered relationship. Bishop Minns in contrast was ordained by a bishop who believes that Gay and Lesbian people should be imprisoned.:
    What rubbish! The consecration of Minns was not, for +Akinola, irregular. And, of course, Akinola believes no such thing. Smith is showing his true colors, which I have suspected all along.
    But, wait, it gets richer: the Communion [and] who are generally seen as Whatever you may think of Bishop Robinson, I do not believe that his manner of life has caused division or scandal in the communion, rather it is the actions of those who have used his ordination in an intentional effort to divide both our own Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion who are responsible.”
    What a (sad) hoot of baloney. VGR has not caused any division????What world is this guy living in? Good luck, Arizona.
    Bishop Robinson’s

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