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Andrew Gerns has written up an excellent summary of where things stand at the moment in Colorado Springs and the dispute between many of the members of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal and the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado.

The news came this weekend that a significant part of the congregation had voted to associate with CANA and cut their ties to the Episcopal Diocese, but there’s more to the story than just that statement.

“A Colorado congregation that has affiliated with the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, and is attempting to keep the property it occupies from being retained by the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, announced the results of a week of voting today. The vote is not recognized as valid by the diocese and is unlikely to keep the parish out of court with the diocese.

In a news release dated May 26, 2007, the parish leadership of Grace and St. Stephen’s, Colorado Springs, announced the vote which took place from Sunday, May 20th through Saturday, May 26th, saying that 93% of the congregations members chose to align the congregation with CANA and keep the property they now occupy.”

Take some time this weekend to read the full article. It’s very well done.

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