Actual facts: Jim McGreevey at General Theological Seminary

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Fr. Jones has posted some information about what’s happening with former governor Jim McGreevy and his acceptance as a student in the MDiv program at GTS:

“Last week the mainstream media (and the New York Post) announced that former governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey had become an Episcopalian and would be studying for the priesthood at General Theological Seminary in New York City. At least one report included comment by one of the assisting clergy at St. Bartholomew’s. The stories as reported made it seem that Jim McGreevey was in the formal process for ordination to the clergy in the Episcopal Church, and that he was going to be ‘studying for the priesthood’ at GTS.

As a member of the Board of Trustees of General Theological Seminary, and an alumnus, I was very upset by this news. I spent much of my day last Thursday discussing the matter with fellow trustees and seminary administration.

It has been confirmed to me directly that the facts were not correct as reported. Jim McGreevey is not in the process of discernment for ordination in the Diocese of New York. He does not have any kind of ‘permission’ from the Bishop of New York to begin studies for the priesthood. His rector and parish — St. Bart’s — do not have him in any kind of parish level discernment process.”

I’m posting this because I’ve had two people today come up and ask me about what’s going on. Now you know as much as I do, and apparently more than most of the secular media…

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