David Ould: Herod is dead


David Ould has an article posted on Stand Firm in Faith that discusses yesterday’s announcement of the discovery of King Herod’s tomb in the Jerusalem region. Ould’s final point speaks to everyone inside and outside the Church:

“Ultimately, Herod loses. In just a few words Matthew records ‘…but when Herod had died…’ (2:19) as no more than a passing thought. The great ‘King of the Jews’ is defeated by the baby he tried to crush.

The discovery of his tomb, then, is a reminder to all of the futility of opposing the true Christ. Herod was far too keen on hanging onto his own kingdom to consider anyone else being in charge. We should be careful not to make the same mistake.”

Read the rest here: NEWSFLASH – Herod is dead

(Via Stand Firm.)

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