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Sorry about the silence today. I spent most of the day in the back of the Bishop’s car. We drove down to Green Valley AZ (south of Tucson) where we attended a luncheon for the retired clergy and their spouses. I was able to do a little email and surfing from the back seat on the ride down (hooray for the 21st century) but on the way back up, we all got involved in a conversation, and my plan of doing some writing just didn’t work out.

Once back in Phoenix, I’ve been in meetings until just now.

The good news is that folks on the Lead over at Episcopal Cafe have been doing a great job keeping up with news even though I wasn’t online to bother them. (grin) If you’re looking for a quick peak into what’s happening, check them out.

Tomorrow is going to busy as well, but I’m hoping to steal some time during the afternoon to get a chance to put down some thoughts that arose from the conversation that the Bishop, the Dean Emeritus and I had on the ride back up. Mostly things about how important it is that even in the midst of our controversies we try very hard not to lose sight of the big picture – which is that unless we all get cracking proclaiming the Risen Lord, there won’t be much a denomination to fight over…

Oh and there’s some neat information about a pretty massive hyper-nova explosion. I haven’t had time to read up on the full story, but it looks like there’s some new science for astronomers to work out.

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