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General Convention

Almost a year ago I wrote a short piece calling on the Episcopal Church to pray for a sign from God. I invited us to ask for sign that would let us know God’s will in this moment of history. I had lots of responses to that note – most of which were telling me that it was a useless thing to pray for.

I think we’ve gotten that sign today. This has all the marks. It is unexpected. It’s clearly not political. The bishops I’ve talked with tonight are just as amazed as we all are. Something extraordinary has happened. And the ramifications are just beginning to be recognized…

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  1. Lisa says

    This morning I find myself recalling something that ++Griswold reportedly said in his sermon on the 1st legislative day: “It’s dangerous to invoke the Holy Spirit.” It looks to this observer like you folks indeed invoked the Spirit. Better hold onto your hats!! She may not be finished yet. 😉 Godspeed to you.

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