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Read an informal and chatty article on the Presiding Bishop-Elect, in a Nevada journal published shortly before General Convention.  She calls herself a Progressive and defines that term in this way: "Willingness to use all of one’s faculties to examine the faith rigorously and to advocate justice for everyone."

A 2001 article as Mo. Katherine prepares to become Bp. Katherine.  The rector under whom she worked at that time said, "She has helped model a better understanding of how the ordained ministry is complementary to lay ministry, not above the lay ministry," he continued. "This concept of what we call `total ministry’ is one that’s always been important to her, and that’s one of the reasons Nevada snapped her up."

An August 2005 article for NPR written by Bp. Jefferts Schori on "The Origins of Life: An Episcopal View" .  She says: "Reason implies, as one old hymn puts it, that "new occasions teach new
duties." We believe that revelation continues, that God continues to be
active in creation, and that all of the many ways of knowing —
including geology, evolutionary biology, philosophy, and arts such as
opera, punk rock or painting — can be vehicles through which God and
human beings partner in continuing creation."

She particpated in The Ecumenical Roundtable on Science, Technology and the Church:

Bp. Jefferts Shouri handled a derisive email from a legislator in May 2003.  She wrote: "We need to take responsibility in
caring for the least among us. … If that means increased taxes on
those who can afford them, then we should be proud to contribute to a
better society."

Her sermon from the Journal of the 2004 Diocesan Convention in the Diocese of Northwest Texas: "It‚Äôs about how each one of us can help to heal this broken world of ours, especially what we can do about the Millennium Development Goals. It is an invitation to all of us in this church to become apostles who will spread good news to the poor. Good news in the form of adequate food, clean water, universal primary education, improved maternal health and child survival rates, and ongoing international development that actually improves people‚Äôs lives. Realizing this gospel dream needs the support of all of us…"

Her keynote address from the same event:
"Community Ministry begins in mission. There is no reason for any sort of ministry, no matter what we call it, except in the service of mission."

–Dave Howell

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