What happens if things don’t go the “right” way?

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Mark Harris has an interesting perspective on what might happen at Convention if things don’t go as hoped. Or what might happen if things go as expected…

“The assumption is then that there will be no dramatic break, not at convention, and not immediately following. The assumption is that there will be considerable pain.

There might well be a walk out at Convention, or perhaps more likely an ooze out (with less and less attendance of network bishops and deputies in the actual workings of Convention). When might that happen? The two most obvious occasions would be on the election of a Presiding Bishop clearly committed to what the Moderator has called the ‘revolutionary’ work of the Episcopal Church, and the failure to respond with a forceful moratorium and repentance based set of resolutions on the Windsor Report.”

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PRELUDIUM: On Not Leaving, Maybe Walking, and the Long Slow Agonizing Moan.

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