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The Theological context of Church Communications – a video of a presentation

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Here in Rhode Island, those of us working in communications ministry are trying to gather quarterly to talk about our work, share tips and see how we can do things better. At the first of our gatherings I was given the task of presenting on “the theology of church communications”. This is the video of that presentation. It’s not… horrible. Actually, it’s rather entertaining to watch me fling the microphone cable around as I flail […]

Ways to think about cars — and implications for congregations…

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Benedict Evans asks us to consider the full implications of the coming revolution in automobiles: the self-driving car. If you think Uber is a disruptive force in transportation, just think about the implications of these sorts of vehicles on something as mundane as parking your car in the city: [I]f your car doesn’t need to wait for you where you got out, then city-centre car parks disappear and retail gets remade (such of it as […]

On the right use of tech in ministry

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Saw this over on Pastor Adam Copeland’s blog: Luther, centuries before, wrote about the tools of the day as articles through which we should show love to our neighbors. In this light, my iPhone becomes a tool for faithful living. It’s unusual for me to go more than a few hours without using my phone. I use it for directions, and daily to search for information about our world. I my phone to text message […]

Managing the email torrent (for clergy especially)


One of the common sources of exasperation for clergy (at least in my conversations with my peers) is that they feel overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive during the day. Truth be told our email load isn’t anything like what people in large corporations get, but unlike theirs which is filled with massive numbers of cya ‘cc’s, clergy email often comes from parishioners, is not an fyi, and has to be acted upon. […]

What happened to Episcopal Café?


UPDATED BELOW: Those of you who read the Lead or Daily Episcopalian on the Episcopal Café site have probably noticed that we haven’t updated the site since Saturday evening. It’s a server error. The Café was migrated to another server at the site where we get our donated space. But something seems to have gone wrong in the latter stages of the migration and the editors are not able to access the back-end of the […]

Photon heralds extend entanglement

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Quantum Entanglement should be an incredibly useful tool for communications. Though it won’t ever become an ansible, or even the basis for subspace radio, the ability to communicate through entangled pairs of quantum particles would, in theory, create a situation where no third party could intercept the message. Which means that we’d finally have unbreakable secure communications. In theory at least. There are a number of practical problems. One of the problems is that it’s […]

Speaking of going mobile… Wayfarer is here

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So Monday I posted a note calling on Episcopalians to start thinking how we ought to be moving ourselves toward providing content on mobile platforms, since all the projections look like mobile internet use is going to soon eclipse traditional access. And just like that, the Communications people at the Episcopal Church offices in New York release a new application on the iTunes store called “Wayfarer”! (I swear, I had no prior knowledge of this […]