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The man in the machine


Have you noticed how many people, as they reflect on Steve Jobs life, talk about their computing devices. One writer, noting this, says that it’s as if people feel that they have met Steve Jobs in the machines and gadgets his company created. It’s as if they know the man because of what he made. Heck, read my reflections on Steve’s death just below this post. I did exactly the same thing. That’s worth reflecting […]



I got a push notification on my iPhone this afternoon that Steve Jobs had died earlier today. That in itself, as the President of the United States noted, was astonishing because so many of us learned the news the same way. Here’s a man who had a vision of where he was headed, stuck to his vision, and moved the world. The first computer I ever saw was a TRS-80 Model 1 back in 1977. […]

The new Amazon Kindle (quick review)

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I ordered the original Kindle the day it was released. I’d been dreaming of a device like that for years; a small, energy efficient tool optimized for reading long form writing. I’ve not been disappointed. I ordered the iPad the day it came out. I ordered it for the iBookstore and the Kindle application. Adding color, email, web browsing, etc, to the ability to carry my whole library with me seemed like the next step […]

Posting quick links to twitter


Just a quick note. Given the kerfluffle with Facebook and the magic super tracking they’re implementing, I’m finding that I’m using my twitter account more and more right now. That’s changed the way I blog. If there’s an interesting article or an idea that can be pithily expressed, I’m doing that on Twitter now more than as a full blog post. If you’re interested in such things, you can view all of that on the […]

Getting an HP P1102w to work as an AirPrint printer


Most of you will no interest in this post. But I’m tossing it out there because, if you like me, want to print directly to a laser printer from an iPhone or an iPad this is going to be helpful. When our daughter went to college a few months ago, she took our inkjet printer that had been hanging out on our Apple bonjour network and managing all our printer needs (mostly hers) for years. […]

Feedback loops to help us pray

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There’s a reasonably well understood phenomenon in human behavior called a feedback loop. You see the way it works every time you drive by one of the those auto-sensing speed limit signs. (The Speed limit is XX; Your speed is YY) The idea is that seeing the data causes us to be much more likely to respond the way we know we’re supposed to respond. A company is taking the concept and applying it to […]

Some thoughts about Google+ for church workers


I’ve been thinking about what to make of Google+. My initial thinking was that this might be a great opportunity to start over… When I first started using Facebook it was limited to people with a .edu email address. My students at Lehigh invited me, I signed up and we friended each other. I started using facebook as a professional resource right from the beginning. I think because of that way of thinking I naturally […]

The Titanic led to licenses for radio operators. Internet next?


I love articles that make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. (I loved the PBS series “Connections” back in the day; if there’s a single major influence on my preaching and writing, it’s that.) There’s a piece on Ars Technica today that shows how the irresponsible behavior of amateur radio operators during the time of the search and rescue operation following the Titanic’s sinking has lead us to the bizarre anti-competitive world of today’s mobile industry […]

The eternal textbook and the Episcopal Church

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I remember the first time I picked up a copy of an anthology of St. Thomas Aquinas’ writings. I was honestly astonished at the intelligence and the insight. It wasn’t so much the discovery that Thomas was an intellect for the ages, it was that his ideas still made me think and reconsider what I thought I had settled even though they were written nearly 800 years ago. The idea that it would be worth […]

Harry Potter e-books? What does this mean?

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I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning, but on the new Harry Potter fan-site and e-commerce store that goes live late next month, you can finally by digital versions of all seven volumes of J.K. Rowling’s series. “Until recently, reports have been speculating that the rights to sell the e-books would be worth as much as $160 million. By retaining the rights and […]