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This is a quick note that will only be important to a few of you, I imagine. As you probably have noticed by now, grammar is not my strongest gift. I sometimes struggle (ofttimes?) to get the words to communicate the thoughts I want to express. I’ve subscribed to Grammarly for a while now, but it’s been hard to access the service when writing on a desktop computer. (Either a windows pc or a Macintosh.) Generally, I had to compose in one program (like Pages) and then copy and paste it into another (Grammarly Desktop), make corrections, and copy the corrected text back into the original document.

It’s a painful workflow and one that I don’t use often.

There’s a new update to Grammarly today that installs it as a service available in pretty much any program that uses text input fields. I’m using it to write this post in my blog editor software called MarsEdit. Grammarly automatically appears and starts fixing things. It’s a treat.

So, if you’re a Grammarly subscriber or have been thinking about it, this latest update is excellent. And I’m as happy to have it because I believe you will be as a reader of my prose…

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  1. Anne Sheets says

    The one grammar mistake I see too often is the incorrect tense used in a conditional sentence. There are many improper punctuation marks and composition mistakes that can not be noticed by the average reader.

    Having taught grammar and composition as a review in High School, I note journalists don’t know the basics of writing correctly. As a scientist and priest, you should not lose sleep over some common error. I note errors daily in the newsprint and also hear them on the TV news.

    Our public schools have substituted non-essentials for a good basic education.

  2. David R Heimbecker says

    No worries. Although traditions can be useful, it seems to me that it is the communicated thought and the spirit that motivates it that count the most. It appears to me that you thoughtfully and prayerfully listen to the Spirit more than the grammarians. Thank you for that.

  3. One that we just downloaded for kids is Read&Write. It is a Chrome add-on so works with all things Google and has a lovely speech to text function that can be used to both write notes/docs/etc and for adding audio files to things like Google slides. Our teachers like it for making comments on student work, too.

    Hope all is well with you and yours!


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